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Click here!spacer Mattel's Superman Returns RC Flying Superman
by Mr. Stinkhead

Win a super pack of Superman Returns toys! Details

Mattel flew in a big load of Superman Returns toys for us to test out and share with you. We got action figures, the inflato-suit, the S3 collectibles (sculpted by the Four Horsemen), the whole super-punch. So this weekend we had to bust out the RC Flying Superman. What's that? A flying Superman glider that you can actually control from the ground? Yup. We even have some video (not good for dial-up, sorry). I am joined by Doc and Jerry. You'll need a friend to help enjoy this toy. One to throw, the other to operate the remote.

Click here!Wow. First off, it charges very quickly. My favorite RC toy is the Terrain Twister, which is a fun RC toy, but it takes a few hours to charge, and that charge doesn't last as long as you'd like. Put 8 AA batteries into the remote control attach the small wire to the glider, and it charges up the gliders internal battery pretty quick. We were outside throwing this thing around within 10 minutes of opening the box.

Click here!So get 'er charged up, and start the propellers spinning. You or your buddy holds the glider (made of a compressed styrofoam) and throws it like you would a paper airplane. We found some decent kite-ready wind was nice, but not necessary. You can play with side-to-side and up-and-down on the controller. Now mind you, this isn't a $500 gas powered remote control helicopter with precision manuevers. This is a fun glider, and you can truly influence how it's flying. In fact the box comes with little weights so you can further improve your tricks.

It was very easy to pick up the contols and figure out what works and what doesn't. This is great for that son or nephew (or hell, the chicks should dig it too) bonding time you're looking for. It was genuinely fun for non-toy (or non-Superman) collecting adults. I also want to mention the sweet extras! I thought it was funny that in addition to the little weights, there were extra propellors (you'll need em) and a sticker in which to write your name and contact info... in case it were to fly so far away (or ins someone's yard) that you could hopefully retrieve it. Nice.

Click here!I recommend a big open area... we got poor Supes stuck in two different trees. Though you have some decent control of his flight path, you'll want more room than you think, or someone who can scale trees.

We have loads more Superman Returns toy coverage coming your way. And in a few days we'll launch a contest to win some of this cool swag! Tell me you have seen the exclusive trailer on it's sweet. Check out Trailer 2. The movie comes out June 30th.

We're putting all of our Superman Returns coverage in one spot.

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Article and all images are ©2006

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