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spacer Pressman's New Electronic TALKING Gooey Louie
by Mr. Stinkhead

The original article exuded the virtues of a booger picking game and its many uses. This article focuses on the rebirth of those established concepts.

Click here!I love Gooey Louie. Our loyal readers know my article about the original Gooey Louie, the nose-picking game of skill, was one of MPb's first features. The concept is simple. You have a big plastic head with a big hollow nose. Stick your grubby fingers up the nose and fish out rubber boogers one by one. One of these gooeys is triggered to pop his brain out of the back of his head. Pull this gooey and you lose, it's a safer, yet grosser Russian Roulette. But you know all this. Why is Pressman releasing Gooey Louie again? This isn't simply a re-issue of Gooey Louie. No. This is a rebirth. The rebirth of all rebirths. This Gooey Louie is electronic. So electronic, that he in fact talks.

Click here!As of late, our kind has been burned by re imaginings and special editions. We're pretty tired of Star Wars: Special Edition, and Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka. Every now and then, something miraculous comes along, such as the Four Horsemen Masters of the Universe line, or say, Electronic TALKING Gooey Louie. This new Gooey Louie is a complete improvement over what is one of the intrinsically best games ever. Let me walk you through it.

Click here!What's the same?
No fear, the rubber gooeys that you play with are the same. They appear to be in better condition than the gooeys in my original game, but the one I had bought had been left on a shelf, unloved, for at least 4 years. But they're the same color and consistency. Whew. Secondly the pink plastic brain-on-top-of-plastic-covered-spring is the same. That's the important part, pay a little homage.

Click here!What's new?
Glad you asked. First off, the head is completely fleshed out and dimensional. No longer two flat faces extruded (hahaha, if you get that, you're a nerd like me), but a newly sculpted, rounded-out head. It's still unmistakably Louie, but he's got new life. He still has two tongues (but that's better than four eyes). His nostril is a little bigger too. Also, when you pull the special gooey, his eyes pop out when his brain launches. It adds to the surprise. Speaking of his nostril, you'll notice a small light sensor. Like a teeny booger-sized version of those things that are near your ankles when you walk into an electronics store (and go berr-borrr), Louie will start chatting up a storm when you go digging.

Click here!All this and he TALKS?!!
Yes, it's true! Louie talks now. When you turn him on, he starts this about-to-sneeze ah-ah-ah-ah-ah and when your fingers go digging, he starts saying That tickles! or Pick me a winner!. Classic! If you're not six years old, you'll particularly enjoy that you can turn off the sound, but continue to play. The latch holding in the brain and eyes is completely mechanical and does not require batteries. Good thinking Pressman.

Click here!So is it worth it?
Absolutely! If you're too busy to read my original article ...honestly, you've spent the last ten minutes reading about a booger game, you can't spend ten more? Soooooorrrrry!)... if you're too busy to read my previous article, I'll break it down real quick. The game is simple. You go around taking turns picking gooeys out of Louie's nose. Yes, this sophmoric humor is suited for six year olds, however, you'll find that this is one of the last honest arenas of competition and skill. Uncorruptible by alliances, cheat codes, or anabolic steroids, Gooey Louie is the great equalizer. Also, it's pretty fun when you're drunk.

Click here!The original Gooey Louie was not produced after 1995, making it difficult to find. However this re-issue, phoenix style (without the burning and the ashes) has brought Louie back into our lives. I'm ready to put him into your life specifically. This month's MPb Giveaway is for one, sealed-in-box Electronic TALKING Gooey Louie. Simply sign up for our spam-free e-mail newsletter, and we'll randomly draw a name to win Louie at the end of the month. It's that easy. Also, you're automatically entered for every monthly drawing from now on. Sweet huh.

Already a member of MPb's exclusive list? Can't wait until October? I don't blame you. You can pick up Talking Gooey Louie from or Target.

Here are pictures of people playing... and loving Gooey Louie. You can see that both the college-aged and matu—young adult crowd digs the Goo.

Click here!Click here!Click here! Click here!

Click here!Click here!Click here! Click here!

Gooey Louie and his likeness are copyright Pressman. All images are ©2003 unless otherwise noted.

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