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clickTim Burton's Tragic Toys for Boys and Girls
Darkhorse Deluxe

Tim Burton wrote and illustrated a book called The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories. The stories are haunting, and the art is traditional Burton. You can see a definate influence of Edward Gorey, but it is still clearly Burton's beautiful work. Darkhorse has produced a series of 9 PVC figurines based on Oyster Boy and the other unfortunate characters in the book.

clickAs I mentioned, the figures are PVC, so they're meant to be displayed on your desk or a shelf. So I'm not going to talk about articulation or play features. They are truly admirable in their execution. The combination of the sculpt and paint aps (looking hand done) really creates a look straight from the pages of the book. Look at the detail put into the crosshatch work (right), and the paint apps fool your eye by blurring the distinction between a piece of dimensional plastic, and one of Burton's illustrations. One of Burton's trademark styles is his really skinny, barely there proportions to limbs. On Mummy Boy, I was afraid that needle thick neck wouldn't support that huge head of his, but these are really well crafted,they have a good solid weight about them, and they're not going to break as soon as you open the box.

clickThere are many impressive nooks and crannies to check out, but the thing that grabbed me the most was the care and detail put into each character's base. They support the figures both physically and artistically. Roy, The Toxic Boy's base has a hole in it, so your desk or shelf will show through the hole he burned in his floor. Pretty sweet.

I like how you can see which set you're getting, and with the assortment of three to a box, each set is worth getting. I have to admit I really like Stain Boy, but I'm getting attached to Roy.

Otherwise, I really recommend checking out each of these pictures, pour over the detail a bit, and then look for these online or at your local comic book or collectible store.

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Robot Boy

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Stain Boy and The Girl With Many Eyes

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The Boy With Nails In His Eyes; Oyster Boy; and Junk Girl

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Mummy Boy;Roy, The Toxic Boy and; Jimmy, The Hideous Penguin Boy

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