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Click for largerspacerBCBCB Toys' TOBOR by Joe Spada
with Jager

It's refreshing to come across a toy like TOBOR. This toy is a true labor of love for the creator, Joe Spada. He took his idea, made a plan, sold part of his toy collection, and made his own toy! BCBCB Toys made their debut at NYCC '08 with a bubble topped robot with a green skull. You gotta admit that's a good start.

Click for largerTOBOR is a toy that's made with old school ideas at heart. The sculpt is rough to give him a beat up look and he's made from vinyl with one point of articulation at the waist. I like how his arms are straight out like the robots in the first sci-fi movies. Also, for some reason I'm really drawn to his huge feet. The skull has the most detailed sculpt and glows green really nicely. You can take the bubble off for a better look. TOBOR comes in a header bag that includes the first issue of the comic with the same name. The header is hand-painted by the artist which is a nice touch. The comic is about a dude who gets hit by a bus, then is picked up by aliens. The aliens turn what's left of the guy into TOBOR and give his moped the brain from some German military officer. It's pretty out there, but is a fun read. Each toy is signed and numbered by the artist and the NYCC version (seen here) is limited to 500. There are 1000 total of the toy with 5 colorways total; the lowest run being 50. None of the other colorways have been announced officially, but it'll be fun to see what he comes up with.

Click for largerIt's clear that the amount of fine detail in the sculpt and paint applications on TOBOR isn't as clean as toys being made with a larger budget. But that's not what I dig about this toy. I'm stoked that Joe made it on his own. He took a chance and it appears to be paying off. It's so refreshing to see! The overall character of the toy is great and I'm anxious to hear about the next colorway. Admittedly, it was crowded at NYCC so if you missed this guy, you should check him out.

BCBCB Toys' web site is the only place to pick up the first colorway of TOBOR

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If you dig strange vinyl like this guy, you should check out!

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