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Click on the bold blue words for pics.


Click here!Mezco impressed us greatly this year with their new lines. They also threw a swank party at the Tiki Room, much fun was had by all. So much fun infact, Lando reneged on his photographing duties on Tuesday. I had to resort to my cufflink spy camera.

Mezco showed us some new original properties they are producing this year. First up is Gangsters Inc™. Highly detailed, yet expressive classic era gangsters. I'm more particular to the gangsters with an "er" at the end instead of just and "a". Check out their Boss and Thug.
I'm also looking forward to their Cryptozoology™ line. These figures are based on the mythic creatures of contemporary lore, such as the Jersey Devil, Mothman, Sasquatch, and Loch Ness Monster.
The funny guy to the left is part of their TikiMon™ line. These caricaturized Tiki heads have a tuft of hair like old troll dolls. I can't wait for them to come out, as they're perfect desk accessories. Check out the blue one too.

One of the absolute coolest things I saw this year at the entire show were the licensed Alien® Mez-its™. Mez-its™ are Mezco's take on the popular block-figure collectibles. They're doing a hella job with the new properties they got their hands on. The Predator® figures are pretty impressive. There's the masked and unmasked Predator as well as a clear variant as invisible Predator. The Cinema of Fear™ (Freddie™, Jason™, and Leatherface™) is also well done. Army of Darkness™ and a full line of Dick Tracy® figures will follow. But you have to see these Alien® figures. It's very hard to see them in these spy shots I nabbed, but in this pic the astronaut's head is turned around (via dial on top of the helmet) and there is a sculpted face hugger, under the clear plastic face plate. Un-FRICKIN'-believable. I'm trying now to get some better shots of this baby for you to drool over.
Check out their website for more info.


Click meNext, I wiggled into Palisades, who are doing a kick ass job with their Muppets® line. The figures are spot-on to the look and feel of the Muppets, they convey the character's personality in the sculpt and they also go all the way with accessories. Here is the thing I've waited 25 years for myself, the Pigs in Space deluxe playset. Down to the last detail, they included interchangeable view screens, moving dials, sliding doors, and swiveling chairs. This set will come with First Mate Piggy. It is supposed to be available before Christmas for $34.99. I also tried to get a good shot the Culinary Disaster Swedish Chef exclusive which will be available later this year.

I was also able to nab some pics of the Alien® busts they're coming out with. Here is the hatching egg, warrior, queen, and are you ready? Life sized face hugger bust. Sweet.
Stay tuned for something big with Palisades later this year, in the meantime check out


12 parsecsWell it's a damn shame Hasbro wouldn't let in any collector media, so we had to settle for Lego's offering for new Star Wars schwag. But this is pretty cool. You've seen the large ships they've put out, but available now are the mini assortment. These things are tiny, yet still recognizably Star Wars goodness. Here is the Falcon, AT-ST and snowspeeder, and AT-AT. Continuing their theme of little scenes straight from the movie, here is the unfolding Jabba's Palace, a close-up of Jabba and Leia, and the spider droid. Here is a shot of the larger AT-AT and some Episode II vehicles.

Sideshow Toy

Click for largerSideshow is most known for the Lord of the Rings busts and their 12" highly articulated collectible figures. The James Bond and Twilight Zone figures are especially popular. I have the Twilight Zone gremlin from the episode Nightmare at 20,000 Feet and it's one of the best higher-end collectibles I have (I know, that doesn't say much about what I consider "high-end"). But what's coming out next? Well glad you asked. We're most excited for the movie killers Jason from Friday the 13th, Leatherface from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Freddy from Nightmare on Elm St. Click here for their catalog shot showing all three (plus Army of Darkness Ash!). And then check here for Jason without his hockey mask. They also had some really impressive Star Trek busts. I know you goons want to see the LOTR stuff, so here is the Ring Wraith and the Hobbit Land bookends. Stay tuned for more products as they become available.


My favorite toy ever, (read our article here) does not disappoint with their new Viking line. Coming out between March and August, this theme has been a collector's dream. Coming out first is set 3157, Viking Camp, 3155, Viking and Sea Serpent, and 3156, Viking Boat (small). Those are just wetting your whistles for the 3150, Viking Long Boat, and the ultimate 3151, Viking Longhouse(fort) coming out a little later in August. Sweeeeeeet.

Here is additional Toy Fair info for your Toy Fairing needs (I don't want to know about it)

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