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The Ultimate Soldier: 32x
From 21st Century Toys
Review by Lando da Pimp

Dioramas are a good way to display your toy collections. I have seen many people create an environment for their Star Wars, Batman, and Star Trek collections. 21st Century Toys has created a collection of figures that is perfect for recreating diorama scenes from World War II. The size and variety lend these figures to make some great dioramas.

Click to see!The Ultimate Soldier 32x collection of German and British infantry's details are authentic down to the smallest feature. The soldiers have a realistic feel to them with accurate armaments and realistic paint schemes. Produced in 1:32 scale, each soldier set comes with six soldiers per box, each with its own base. The collection is perfect for the true military enthusiast. [Ed note: Or people with severe control issues.]

Click to see!For as small as these soldiers are, the details are very nice. The facial expressions are extremely cool. The German soldier that is posed just as he's being shot has a very painful expression on his face. My only complaint is that some of the weapons bend because of the packaging. This can easily be fixed by bending the weapon back into place. From the pictures, you can see that these figures fit nicely in scense together, and have a variety of cool possible arrangements.

The 32x soldiers also have various vehicles and play sets to add to these collections. For more information check out 21st Century Toys web site at

Click to see!German Infantry
Series 4 of the German Infantry comes with:

  • Two grenade thrower soldiers
  • Two flame thrower soldiers
  • A hurt soldier
  • A rifleman

Click to see!British Infantry
Series 4 of the German Infantry comes with: Six riflemen in various poses:

  • Running soldier
  • Standing soldier
  • Two Kneeling soldiers
  • Two standing soldiers

German Soldiers
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British Soldiers
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If you like soldiers in a small scale like this, but don't care for, say historical accuracy, check out our coverage of Play Along Toys' Armies of Middle Earth figures from Lord of the Rings

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