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Click here Mimoco's Protobot0
by Jager

What would happen if your Designer Toys had a love child with a computer? Mimoco took this idea and ran with it. What they created is a genius combination of Designer Toys and technology. The Mimobots are flash drives with a Designer flavor. Just in case you don't know what that means, these are memory sticks that fit into your USB drive to hold various media (word documents, mp3s, pictures, whatever). Each one has a different personality and back story to fit the owner from girly to toothy. Truly, Mimobots are an idea whose time has come. Not only do you get a flash drive with 256MB to 2GB of storage space, you get a flash drive with style.

Click hereAll the Mimobots have the same form: long and slender with feet on the bottom and two bumps on top that the artist can use as eyes, ears, nostrils, or whatever they feel like. I was lucky enough to take a look at Protobot0. This all black USB drive doesn't have any sort of facial features, but still I really dig his style. He (like most Mimobots) is a robot who lost its memory during an accident and is now constantly on the hunt for more information. I think this is a pretty witty idea for a back up story line. Back to Protobot0, the design is plain, but to me it really works. This would be the middle of the road in terms of looking strange to your coworkers. You have a handy flash drive and it looks cool for sure; subtly referencing the shape of a living thing. The top of the "head" pops off to expose the actual USB port. This fits very snugly into the USB drive and doesn't wiggle or want to fall out at all. There is a light (in the place of a tail) at the base of each 'bot that lets you know when downloads or uploads are in progress. The only gripe I would have with the design is that they are a bit fat. Meaning if you only have the double USB ports on the back of your CPU and you have a peripheral plugged into one, there isnt enough space to plug in your Mimobot without unplugging the first device. But if you have a newer computer with extra USB ports on the front of your CPU (or monitor) you will have no problems at all. You'll also have no problem using the Mimobot since it self loads its run program onto your C: drive and is very easy and painless to save to or upload from. Thatss all great, but where does the Designer Toy flavor come in?

Click hereBesides having the features and various designs of a toy, these are each limited and numbered in their runs. Just like the Designer Toys we love. This adds a collectible feel to the device that is a great thing. Sure, you could go to Circuit City and pick up a plain flash drive, but with a Mimobot, you can do your saving in style. The Protobot0 shown is from the Cosmos Series and they are all but sold out. But fear not! A new line is available called goSeries. All the specs are the same (limited runs, various designs, 256MB to 2GB of memory depending on how deep your pockets are), but these are all new designs.

Click hereI'm really impressed with the Mimobot lines. The form is subtly organic and lends itself to many designs and the idea of blending Designer Toys and a functioning USB drive is fantastic. I'm excited to see what doors this opens to bring more toys into the "real" world!

Check out Mimoco's web site for all the info on the goSeries and ordering information.

Swing by our Designer Toy coverage page to read some articles covering some hot vinyl. Then download them to your Mimobot and show your friends!

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