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Click here!spacer Darth Vader's Lightsaber Lamp
by Jager

So you have a hot date and you need a little something extra to set the mood. Candles are totally played out and it's time to put the Dumbo nightlight in storage. has you covered with the Darth Vader lightsaber lamp! Putting new meaning to the term "red light special", this nightlight is an excellent edition to your nerd-pad and is sure to impress many a lady.

Made to be a pretty accurate rendition of Vader's handle, this light is impressive...most impressive. Most of the details are there, and it even turns on and off with a click of the button that the Dark Lord would use to turn on his saber. Standing at 16 inches the blade is shorter than it should be proportionately, but it's a good length to produce a nice amount of light but still be stable on your nightstand. Keeping it upright is a disc footer that the lightsaber can snap into and out of very securely. So just how much light does it produce? It gives you enough light to see what you're doing, but not so much that it'll keep you awake.

Okay, okay being able to use it as a night light... er mood lighting is very nice, but can you play with it? The short answer is yes. The longer answer is that since it comes off the base you have a nice little lightsaber that you (or your youngster) can swing around willy nilly. It's durable enough that you can chase your cat around the house without worry, but I wouldn't duel that neighborhood kid that always has a stick in his hand. The light runs on 2 AAA batteries, and since it's not bright enough to read by they should last a good while. Also, the plastic blade is removable so you can replace the LED light inside.

If you're looking for a great conversational piece, something to spruce up your den of love, or a lightsaber that is incredibly proportionate for a two year old this is just what you need. Seen here is Vader's style, but it also is available in Luke Skywalker green. has these babies in stock as well as lots of other great Japanese oddities. Also, their Designer Toy section is growing every day.

Not only do we have a great Designer Toy section full of articles on the coolest toys around, we also have a Star Wars section that needs some attention. Remember when those movies were cool?

Here is a quick video of the lamp being swung around by my son. We have added sound effects for your amusement.

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