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click for larger Toy Biz Weapon X Wolverine
Marvel Legends Series 7
by Lando da Pimp

The Holy Grail. To the Crusaders a thousand years ago, it was the ultimate treasure. People killed, and died, to find it. The Grail's power was a driving force that drove everyone from Perceval to Indiana Jones to give up everything else to obtain it. In toy collecting terms, Holy Grail refers to the object of one's up most desires. Something about said item drives the collector to forego everything else to possess it. The fact that its not easily possessed it what gives it the Grail label. Luckily, with eBay, conventions, and the kindness of the internet, collectors all over have been able to hunt their personal Grails, without all the killing and dying Sometimes a grail is something brand new. You catch a glimpse of it, and cannot rest until you find it. Other times, its something from the past, it's apparent ease of availability is merely a cosmic tease for the amount of work you'll actually put into getting it. Jager recently scored his Grail, the vinyl Mars-1 from Strangeco. Mr. Stinkhead's latest grail, was something that haunted him from his childhood. Mattel's Dissect an Alien.

This past year I had two Holy Grail action figures this year. The first was the Princess Leia Unleashed, the second was The Marvel Legends series 7 Weapon X Wolverine, both have been found. I first saw this figure at Toy Fair and instantly needed it. How couldn't you look at it! According to the Internet, this figure has been available in some areas for awhile but I have finally found him at my local Toys R' Us.

I don't know about anybody else but I am sick of seeing so many incarnations of Wolverine. This figure however is a great addition to the multitude of Wolverine figures that I already own and more imaginative than just a plain Logan.

click for largerThe figure comes with two interchangeable heads, one with the mask and one without, as well as a base with attachments for connection. The figure itself has 19 points of articulation making Logan very posable. The attachments to the base can connect to a series of silver connections on his chest and shoulders. Logan's hands and claws are connected to boxes by hoses. These boxes are attached to his waist.

click for largerWhile Weapon X Wolverine, might be yet another Wolverine it's a unique version of Logan. The details in the base, hoses, connections, and body are great. I don't collect all of the Marvel Legend figures, but this is one action figure that stood out from the rest. I would love to see Toy Biz create more figures based on specific comic book stories.

Check out my other recent Grail acquisition, Princess Leia Unleashed.

Series 7 consists of the following figures

  • Apocalypse
  • Classic Ghost Rider
  • Classic Ghost Rider (Variant)
  • Goliath (Chase Figure)
  • Hawkeye
  • Phasing Vision (Variant)
  • Silver Centurion Iron Man
  • Weapon X Wolverine
  • Vision

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