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Click here!spacer Zobmondo's Would You Rather...?
by Mr. Stinkhead

We received a great party game just the other week called Would You Rather...? Players go around the board, picking hard to answer either-or questions. Almost like Balderdash, one play reads the question to themselves, and then writes down the answer they think the rest of the group will decide upon. Then they read the question to the group. The remaining players have 90 seconds to come to a consensus as to which of the irreverant options they would choose. If the person guesses correctly, they roll the die and advance around the board. More involved Challenges advance the gameplay as well.

We instantly loved this game because it doesn't require any trivial knowledge, and can be played with almost any number of people (at least three, but we recommend five or six players). The questions were original, and all over the place, and there was a wide variety of themes.

Click here!From gross-out, Drink half a cup of a stranger's saliva OR eat all the hair out of your bathtub drain?

To the ethical Would you rather be a dictator that everyone hates or a political prisoner everyone loves?

Here are some more favorites:
Would you rather...

  • Be an underachiever relative to your very successful family OR be the only successful person in a family of losers and screw-ups?

  • Have eyeballs the size of golf balls OR teeth the size of computer keys?

  • Have your face pressed into gravel until you bleed OR have it pressed into a pile of poop for 30 seconds?

  • (As a man) Be stinking drunk at the birth of your first child OR have the worst hangover of your life on your wedding day?

The diversity of the group we played with also made for some interesting conversation.

My favorite aspect of the game is the versatility. You could play in this structured setting, with the timer, dice, and pencils, or you can grab the deck and just start asking questions, lightly keeping score, or just getting the conversation going. This is also good for long car trips.

The board had colored squares to indicate which type of question to read off the card, but we unanimously voted to allow the card drawer the option of choosing the best question from the card. There were too many Man! I gotta ask you this... questions. The challenges took a little bit of time to figure out, but they weren't really difficult, we were just playing with a crew that required directions to be read a few times. You could easily alter the game play to fit the playing style of your group, and keep things fun and moving along.

I also enjoyed the fact that it wasn't just gross-out, but some really thought-provoking questions, not necessarily dirty, but definately adult oriented (i.e. you and your spouse cannot have children, would you rather its your fault, or theirs?). I find that with a lot of games, the knowledge is way above me, because it's suited for older people (like 30—haha) or I feel like I'm playing a kids' game.

I fully recommend this game if you have parties or other social events, and they're also great for just hanging out. This would make a great ice breaker as well, but I loved trying to predict what my friends would agree to. Now we need Zobmondo to just sell a deck for throwing in a back-pack when heading out on the road.

Swing on by our message board and check out our new Would You Rather..? forum. Pitch and discuss your imponderables...

Check out for more examples and details. There are also multiple versions of this game available, including ones that are more kid friendly, or more edgy.

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