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Click here Go Hero's Yira
by Jager

Rising from its fiery prison comes the last dragon on earth, Yira! This mammoth vinyl is set to take over your collection and the rest of the world!! Or at least your shelf space. This is seriously one big toy... and that's a good thing! If you're like me, you look for a toy with a fresh design and something that will stand out in your collection. Go Hero's Yira fits the bill perfectly. At roughly 17 inches long and 7 inches tall, this beast will strike fear into your Dunnys and send your action figures running for cover.

Click hereI love when toys have a back story, and this one is great. "In approximately 250 AD, dragons began to overwhelm the northern countries. The Shokunin, named Merlin, came from the East to find a noble warrior. Merlin found St. George and forged for him Excalibot, a suit of arms that was light as air and sharp as a sword. St. George slew all the dragons but one...Yira. In the final battle, St. George pushed Yira into the mouth of a volcano. Merlin used magic to collapse the walls of the volcano, sealing Yira in a rocky tomb. For centuries has Yira waited, swelling in power and rage, to exact his revenge." The thought that Merlin was a samurai of sorts is just awesome to me. But of course while the story adds to a toy's character, it isn't the most important element. The quality of the toy itself and the design that went into it are what can make or break a toy. As you can see, the design is great. The large hips give the impression Yira is bending over and ready to pounce. He sort of looks like how my pet rat used to stand and dig in her food (RIP Phish). The articulation is restricted to the arms, legs, and jaw. The arms have a pretty decent range of motion but the legs are hindered by the long tail. If you put him on the edge of a shelf he can stand a little taller with his tail hanging off the end. And the ability for him to open his mouth (watch out for the fire!) is a great addition. But many classic Kaiju toys weren't as interested in articulation as they were killer design; and since this is a homage to those toys of our youth, it has enough pose-ability. The sculpt on the toy is great with the armor on his body depicted with chunky triangular ridges cut into the form on all sides. The body is black with bright red painted very cleanly on the backs of the ridges. From the back he looks almost red and the front he's almost totally black. Not only are these applications tight, the details of his face are very clean too. I also should note that Yira isn't cast from boring plain black vinyl. Gold sparkles were mixed into the vinyl before pouring the cast. This is another homage to JP vinyl and it looks just stunning. It's really a nice touch that shows Go Hero is ready to go the extra mile with their toys.

Click hereOverall, this is a great toy. I love the menacing face and the shear size is daunting. It's a great toy and one that any Kaiju fan should seek out. Mechabot definitely has his hands full! First with Tentikill and now Yira. And while you may need to devote a shelf just to this beast, it's well worth it.

Check out Go Hero for Kaiju goodness. They have some great toys coming out and you need to know when they'll drop because they won't last long!

You can pick this guy up at Not only do they have this mammoth toy but they have some great Japanese toys and Designer Vinyl you need.

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