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SpacerClick hereXevoz Custom Contest
The greatest thing about Xevoz is the capability to customize, kit bash, and create your ultimate action figure. Or is the greatest thing how cool they look and how poseable they are? Either way, the future of the Xevoz line is in trouble, we want more waves, we need more figures. The best way to get Wave 4 in our hands (and maybe, just maybe send a message to Hasbro) is to get the peg-warmers out of the hands of the retailers, so they request more (newer) figures.

Golden Gonzo from the Xevolution message board, James from Imagination Station, and present the Rise of the Xevoz custom contest. We're working on a phatty prize for the winner. Put your thinking caps on, dump all your loose pieces on the floor, and gas up the car to go on a mighty toy run.

Update: we just got word that Squishee Slinger is donating a new Sky Grinder to sweeten the pot!

Click hereThe Goal
Create your mightiest Xevoz custom. Bigger is better, think big, think massive. You can kit-bash, you can Photoshop®, you can paint and sculpt. Take a picture and send it to us. The point is that you have to impress a jury of your peers. We're going to pick out the best of the best, and set up a vote for you to choose the ultimate Xevoz custom. It can be an army, it can be one or two figures, multiple photos, there are no limitations.

The Prize Package
That's what it's all about, huh? Well the three of us are putting together a sweet prize package for one lucky winner.

  • Thunder ShamanA new MOC Thunder Shaman figure from Wave 4.

  • A new MOC Sky Grinder from Wave 2.

  • The movie Toys on DVD, where Xevoz got their name?

  • We're going to give you a nice new tackle box to organize all your pieces, now that you have all these new extra figures laying about

  • ToysA set of custom paints and brushes, to help replenish your supply

  • A nice surprise: that we can't tell you about

Oh, and being known as the Custom King (or Queen) on the Internet. Sweet!

There are two deadlines to watch out for here. First off, all entries will be due by Saturday November 20th. Then we're going to stick up the voting booth, and you'll have until November 30th to vote for the winner. We will announce the winner at that time.

Click hereRules and Guidelines
Truth be told, I'm shilling for you to go out and stock up on peg-warmers. We need to get them off the shelf, I thought this would be a good reward. That being said, any photos you've showcased on the Xevolution message board are ineligible*. But no worries, go out and get some Skull Jacks, make a sweet army to battle your existing custom. Take a new picture, Photoshop® it up a little and you can submit that. Impress us.

All photos should be submitted to ageowns AT before midnight EST on November 20th. I will host the images, so you should attach them in the e-mail. You can stick your own © on there if you want to, or specify clearly how you'd like a copyright to appear in the body of the e-mail. All images will remain property of you, the person who submitted them. However you are giving us permission to host and distribute them indefinitely. (Like a winner's gallery). Your name or copyright will remain attached to any images.

Please resize all images to 600 pixels wide or 600 tall, but no bigger. Resolution of 72 ppi. We need to consider our 56K modem brethren. If you really have problems with this, I can resize them, but that makes me grumpy.

This is going to be fun, we're excited to see all that you have to offer. But remember, you have to impress the pants off of us, so go big, go bold, make us weep. Good luck.

Check out's coverage of everything Xevoz, there's also a buyers guide and character directory to help you find what you're looking for. We also recently highlighted some fantastic customs. Swing by Xevolution message board. Particularly their Fan Creations forum for inspiration.

You can also find your favorite Xevoz at the Imagination Station, swing by and drop a line regarding what figures you're looking for. Or you can e-mail them directly to ask if they have who you need.

Thanks again to Golden Gonzo and James for helping make this contest bigger and better.

Legal mumbo jumbo: all judges decisions are final. In the event of a dispute, the decisions will default to that of a pre-selected panel of judges. All entries to be considered for submission are due midnight EST on November 20th. All entries remain property of the original artist, however retains the right to host and distribute any and all entries indefinitely.

* —Any photos of customs displayed on the Xevolution Message Board prior to October 29th are ineligible. However, you can take a new picture of that custom. That is ok. But dress it up. Have it fight a new custom.

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